Nederlands    Surrealist

Willem den Broeder was born in 1951 in Schiedam the Netherlands and surrealist from day 1, however he started serious painting in 1995. He is a selfmade surrealist artist and create surrealistic paintings, drawings, poems, semi-ready-makes, and all other surrealistic disciplines. 

Exhibits his work from 1997

Exhibit in Ohio USA and Belgium in 2003, in 2004 he exhibit in the Museum Quarter Vienna Austria and in Budapest Hungary, in 2005 there was a exhibition in his hometown Schiedam. April and May he exhibit in Berlin Germany- Freuds 150th anniversary- From August 15 - September 18 2006 he exhibit in the "Arts On Grand Gallery" Spencer Iowa USA with a International Surrealist Group (poster)

Willem den Broeder places objects from daily life in surrealistic scenes. Collaborate regular with surrealist from the hole World and make in different disciplines "Cadaver Exquisite".

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